Project Steel promises a first-person sandbox MMORPG, is already shifting its Kickstarter plans


When you launch your crowdfunding campaign and then decide to close it and relaunch it after only five days, that can only mean good things. This appears to be the situation with Project Steel, an MMORPG project that launched its Kickstarter at the tail end of April, promising things like intensive crafting, survival in a “lush fantasy” persistent world that is full of a variety of dangers, and content updates on a weekly or biweekly basis to make sure the game’s world is ever changing, all from a first-person perspective.

The bright red flag on the whole project is the ask cost: $10,000. Furthermore, while the project’s FAQ had stated that it will be primarily self-funded, an update post mentioned that the devs were advised by a promotions agency to “set a low goal to promote organic growth […] especially since we don’t have any funding to begin with.” There was also a video put out by YouTuber KiraTV where he spends 20 minutes tearing into the crowdfunding campaign.

That video, incidentally, has caused Fraser MacColl, the head of developer Guerilla Tactics Studio, to announce both on Discord and the Kickstarter page that the currently running campaign will close and will relaunch with some unspecified “original Kickstarter plans.” The new page will reportedly launch in about eight business days from the Discord announcement’s date, which puts that at this coming Saturday, while there will be a Q&A on the studio’s Twitch channel this coming Wednesday, May 5th, at 6:00 p.m. EDT. Until then, maybe keep your wallet in your pocket on this one.

sources: Kickstarter (1, 2, 3) and YouTube via Reddit, Discord

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Kickstarter Donor

I sincerely hope this explodes into an amazing project, that delivers a fantastic title.

But I’m also not holding my breath. Not because of anything the devs have said or done, but because we’ve been here before, many times.

My wallet will be staying firmly in my pocket.

Tom De Laet

Wheey my boy Kira getting recognised. Also I’d suggest them never working with the ‘advisors’ again since they clearly don’t know what honest business practices looks like.

Kickstarter Donor

Yikes. Not much more to say there.


if you think this is bad, look into the kickstarter “dreamworld”. just saying it’s name makes me want to vomit.

it’s very well documented also by kiraTV how that is going. the definition of disgust!