Warframe brings a new Frame, new Kuva Lich content, and new rewards in the Sisters of Parvos update


Have you ever wanted to control a jellyfish-styled robot suit? You’ll get your extremely creature-specific chance when Warframe brings out its Sisters of Parvos update that introduces the new Frame Yareli, a “fast and fluid” option designed by fan artist Matias Tapia. More about this new character will be shared in a devstream this month.

Of course, that’s not the only thing that’s arriving with the Sisters of Parvos update, as the titular Corpus Lich enemies are being added to the game. These new foes will see players face off against battle hounds that have randomized elements to them like current Kuva Liches, while rewards include nine new weapons like variants of the Arca Plasmor and Flux Rifle. On the subject of Kuva Liches, the update promises to bring some Lich grind reduction, a wild card system, and some new Kuva weapons.

Finally, the update will bring in a swath of new goodis to rake in like refreshed Void Storm rewards, new Steel Path items to purchase from Teshin, and some new Syndicate armor and emotes to buy with medallions. There’s also other features incoming like new Augments, adjustments to wreckage in Railjack, and some fancy new cosmetics. It’s all outlined in the livestream broadcast below and the official roundup.


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Hmm, they should re-design the mouth. It looks like a sex doll from a little bit back.