World of Warcraft’s player-run Crash Cog cup crowned its first winner of season two this weekend


If Shadowlands has become a drag on your World of Warcraft play or you’re just marking time until Burning Crusade hits the Classic realms, then why not play virtual world racecar?

Not really racecars, of course, but the Crashcog Cup, which is a player-run event that is done not with ground mounts but dicerolls, complete with a dungeonmaster there to throw in dynamic “encounters” to make the course harder, plus medics, entertainers, snack vendors, and apparently even a bookie (don’t tell Blizzard about that one!).

The first Crashcog Cup of this second season of fun ran over the weekend on Moon Guard, crowning its “Grizzly Gauntlet” winner, Ninelle.Β There are additional races pending for May 15th, May 29, and June 12th, plus several post-season events, so if you missed this one, you’ve still got a chance to go see one in person.

Incidentally, in the writing of this piece, I stumbled into a whole boxing league on Moon Guard; apparently, the next event is May 8th. MMOs and MMO gamers are the best, folks.

Source: Polygon. Cheers, Schlag!

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