Xsyon makes one final step towards full launch with the testing of bows and ranged combat


It has been quite a while since we last checked out Xsyon, the sandbox MMORPG set in a “post-apocalyptic fable” that has been in early access since December 2014. Those past seven years have seen the game shift along with updates, features, events (remember the mutant rodeo?), and even a full monetization model change. Now, it’s testing one last feature addition before it calls itself a fully launched game: ranged combat.

Xsyon players can now wield bows and fire pointy sticks at one another in the latest test server build and are being asked by the devs to provide their feedback on the forums. This new addition represents “the last major feature required to remove the Early Access label from Xsyon on Steam,” while future information about what else is in the works will be shared in the next few days.

source: Steam via MMO Fallout
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