Blizzard and Fox are headed for a trademark fight over the Diablo name


I have to sometimes wonder if trademark lawyers claw their faces when they see certain case files cross their desks. Take, for example, an apparently brewing trademark legal feud between Blizzard and Fox in relation to the name of Diablo.

The scuffle is centered around Fox’s upcoming animated sitcom HouseBroken, which follows the experiences of a therapy dog named Honey and her fellow neighborhood pets, one of whom is a dog by the name of Diablo. Fox has attempted to register the character’s name with the trademark office, presumably as part of future merchandising efforts, but Blizzard filed a motion to block the request, arguing that Fox’s use of the Diablo name is “likely to cause confusion or mistake or to deceive” since Blizzard is still using the Diablo name for merchandise items of its own.

The show HouseBroken is due to premiere on May 31st, while the Blizzard filing was made this past Monday with no response from Fox as of yet, leaving the Diablo name’s ownership hanging in the balance. Trademark law, am I right?

source: PCGamesN

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Turing fail
Turing fail

Let Newscorp/Fox and Activision/Blizzard bleed each other dry and their lawyers feast on their carcasses for all I care.


Blizzard fires a bunch of employees, and then wastes money in an absurd lawsuit, classy.

Bryan Correll

According to my time visualizer ‘Housebroken’ gets cancelled midway through it’s third episode*, rendering this whole thing moot.

* The remainder of the time slot gets filled in with random ‘Family Guy’ clips.

Loyal Patron
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Yes, I am going to be flummoxed by the difference between a cartoon dog and a slavering hell beast. Thank the gods for lawyers!

Ardra Diva

Trademark fights only win when the 2 products are so similar that it confuses the consumer as to which product they’re buying. A video game and a cartoon aren’t close enough to the same thing for Blizzard to win this one.


Can we just please stop for a moment, and recognize that people are profiting off of ‘the devil’ to begin with?

I mean, supposedly according to most religions, that’s a ‘sin’. (One of the 7 deadly, no less.)

Then we’ve got ‘lawyers’ whose sole job it is, to argue (Fight) over it.

(“He who is without sin cast the first stone.”)

I mean, I don’t even believe in all this stuff, but it’s highly amusing that people just ‘forgot’/’didn’t care’/’found it OK to do’ in courts of law that often revolve around one placing their hand upon a religious icon and swearing “to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you ‘God’.”

I mean, can either party legitimately claim they wouldn’t be ‘doing the devil’s work’ in a case like this?


I mean, I get the confusion here. One company has a mangy mutt arse with a whole lot of issues…

And the other is this show, with a dog named Diablo. I see why Kottick would get all up in a tissy over it since he’s already confused by others for being Diablo–according to him at least.

This is stupid. There is no confusion here, even if it goes for Merchandising. ‘Diablo’ the dog is going to be branded as ‘Housebroken: Diablo toy’. Meanwhile, Blizzard typically controls the sales of its merchandise for the most part and usually labels them all specifically. You don’t find ‘Diablo figure’, you find ‘Diablo–Lord of Terror Figurine’. The confusion is a non-issue, and lawyers just want a chance to slap around some more money.

Tee Parsley

Could be that Blizzard is worried about two ‘dog’ Diablos…..



Think of the poor gamers that might confuse a demon with tiddies for a dog!


Idiotic indeed. It is a word. Wasting time and money.