League of Legends is getting its own animated series on Netflix this fall


If you’re the sort of League of Legends fan who enjoys the game’s animated cutscenes and promotional videos, then you’ll likely love the news that Riot Games and Netflix are partnering up for the worldwide launch of an animated series this coming fall.

The show, called League of Legends: Arcane, is set in the utopian region of Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun, and follows the origins of “two iconic League champions — and the power that will tear them apart.” More details are expected in the coming months, but for now there’s a teaser trailer to whet your appetite below.

source: press release

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Well, I guess I have to have some exposure to the League IP ahead of the eventual MMO, right? Might as well!


I like the animation style, so i’m definitely curious to see how it pans out.


At least cinematic trailer is 90% better than Dota2’s. lol

Jeff Norman

The Dota 2 show wasn’t bad though.