PSA: Download the Black Desert companion app, get an adorable pupper



I admit, I don’t play Black Desert very much and I very often ignore limited-time login gifts or rewards, but for the intensely adorable puppy pet that’s being handed out for downloading the recently released Black Desert+ companion app, I will jump through all of the hoops.

The Black Cloaked Dog, who we will now all refer to by his proper name of Chester Spookington, can be earned by simply downloading the app, launching it, and logging in for the first time. The app itself was announced previously, but Pearl Abyss didn’t include word of this extremely good friend’s arrival in their announcement post, so we’re alerting folks just in case they missed it.

Players will also receive a free seven day-long Secret Book of Old Moon item that provides XP buffs, the ability to freely change skills and attach skill add-ons, allows the purchase of Villa buffs at a campsite, and adds an extra slot to all Stables and Wharfs. Which is all well and good, but nowhere near as snuggly as a pupper dressed in a Black Spirit cloak.

source: Steam, thanks to Hikari for the tip and the dopamine

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