The Elder Scrolls Online provides a closer look at Blackwood’s companion system


Walking the wilds of The Elder Scrolls Online by yourself is perfectly fine, but sometimes you need a friend to come along with you on your adventures — and no, running a Delve with randoms and facerolling the foes inside doesn’t count. That’s where Blackwood’s companions come into play, which got its own deep-dive post to introduce players to the system.

Companions can be customized with features that let players assign abilities, equip them with gear, and direct them on the battlefield, as well as take on the role of tank, healer, DPS, or a hybrid build. While companions can take on any of the three roles, they aren’t meant to replace other players as they will not be quite as powerful.

Companions also have their own personalities tied to a rapport system, where player actions can elicit reactions from their companion and affect their relationship. Growing the rapport with a chosen companion will unlock additional gameplay elements like new dialogue options, companion-specific quests, and the ability to add your companions as houseguests to homes; anyone who has played SWTOR will likely understand how this system will operate.

Blackwood is set to arrive to PC players on June 1st and console players on June 8th. For more about this companion system, along with everything else in this chapter, make sure to check out our own hands-on preview.


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Castagere Shaikura

I have to say I am not happy with the way they did this. Companions will be like work to get them right. ESO has avoided these kinds of systems up to this. You have to gear them and the only gear they can use is the rng drops that can happen in questing. They have their own gear. They start out at level 0ne. That is just stupid. They should be your level but this is a grinding work system. Think of a max-level character using a level one companion. It would be useless. Thank god you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to.

DJ Meowth

I was kind of hoping for companions to be like they were in Skyrim or the Fallout games – NPCs that help you in combat and can carry stuff for you. Simple. I don’t remember them leveling up at any point, they scaled to your level I think. And you could outfit them with regular gear, so as you found more powerful gear for yourself you could give them your hand-me-downs. You could customize their appearance that way too.

Now they need to be leveled up, they won’t carry anything for you, and they’re restricted to using companion-specific gear. Though you can use the heavily monetized outfit system to make them look the way you want.

I dunno. Seems like a system that could have been really good, but will wind up being merely okay. If they were less restrictive, I could see the system being pretty meaningful, but as it stands I think I’ll only ever summon them when I’m having trouble soloing something – like a pet of some sort.