Blade & Soul gives more details about its Revival PvP ranking system


As you might have been tracking, Blade and Soul has a massive update called Revival that’s coming to the game in the third quarter of 2021. NCsoft has certainly not been shy in teasing and promoting the various features of the update, and this week it’s added more details about the improved PvP ranking system that’s on the way.

“The original ranking system forced players to focus on timetables for rewards and ranking and made it difficult to focus on getting to the top of the leaderboards,” the studio said. “Moving forward, we want ranking to be reflected in real time rather than at set intervals. Upon reaching top ranks, character appearances will be updated to the system UI in real time. This means that the prestige of being top ranked will be immediately obvious.”

NCsoft also said that it’s making some long-term changes to the PvP ranking user interface and how it awards honorary rewards.


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