Destiny 2 brings new activities, the Vault of Glass, and armor transmog with Season of the Splicer on May 11

Also, people apparently really love baby Fallen


Next Tuesday, May 11th, will introduce yet another season to the multiplayer looter shooter of Destiny 2. This season is known as the Season of the Splicer and sees players tasked with the job of combating the Vex, who have managed to block out the sun, plunging the Last City into eternal night and blocking the Traveler’s protection. Breaking this darkness will require players to team up with Mithrax, the Fallen Kell of the House of Light, and learn the ways of a Secret Splicer.

Naturally, taking on the Vex involves some new encounters including the six-player matchmade activity Override, a weekly pinnacle mission known as Expunge, and the Vault of Glass raid, which isn’t exactly new since it was from the original game but it’s new to the sequel. The new season will also introduce some Season Pass-specific goodies like the Cryosthesia 77K exotic sidearm, season-specific Universal Ornaments, and boosted Season Pass XP earnings, while every player will get access to the game’s new armor transmog system. Whether they like it or not.

All of these features are certainly nice to see for players of Destiny 2, but there’s one feature that’s not available that players desperately seek: interaction with the baby Fallen that were shown in the season’s reveal trailer. The infant monsters were on the screen for only a couple of seconds, but fans are already madly in love, creating fanart and begging Bungie to let them hold the babies.

Sadly, you cannot hold the babies, but you can see the babies, along with everything else in the upcoming season, in the aforementioned trailer below. As for the season itself, it will run between May 11th and August 24th. Which means there’s still plenty of time to possibly see Fallen baby holding added in a later update.

sources: press release, official site, Polygon
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