Albion Online just patched in a ton of hellgate buffs and combat balance tweaks


Happy patch day, Albion Online folks! You’re getting the fourth chunk to the Call to Arms chapter today, which Sandbox Interactive is calling a balance patch. The update makes hellgates better, boosts hellgate rewards, fixes matchmaking, adds invasion cooldown resets, streamlines knockdowns, balances combat, and tweaks several types of PvP. It’s a lot.

“This patch aims to bring a wider variety of healing staffs into the meta while reducing the dominance of certain items in specific content, like Dagger Pairs in 2v2 Hellgates and Quarterstaffs in Corrupted Dungeons,” Combat Designer Michael Schwahn explains. “Sustain damage provided by the axe line is also reduced, to bring them more in line with other melee weapons. This patch also offers reworks of abilities that have been out of the spotlight recently.”

The patch notes have even more details, including a full rundown of every single change to each of the weapon types – axes, arcane staffs, bows, crossbows, cursed staffs, daggers, fire staffs, frost staffs, hammers, holy staffs, maces, nature staffs, quarterstaffs, spears, swords, offhands – and armor types that saw changes.

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