Check out the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker trailer… by way of Moonbase Alpha


If you don’t remember Moonbase Alpha, you have sadly missed a cavalcade of memes based on the game’s text-to-speech software. Not only were there memes, there were entire songs carefully coded into the game’s TTS chat window. And if you’ve somehow forgotten… in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, players will be going to the moon.

Combining the two seems inevitable, and popular FFXIV YouTuber Denmo McStronghuge has given us the Moonbase Alpha/Endwalker mashup we have long been waiting for. Or expecting. Or perhaps that none of us dared to hope for, but now we all get to enjoy it just the same. If you’ve been obsessively watching the main trailer or just like some good weird humor based on the game, well… it’s right below for you. Mooooooooooon.


Source: YouTube

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