Phantasy Star Online 2 celebrates a variety of Sega games with latest round of AC Scratch Tickets


Sure, the world of Phantasy Star Online 2 is well and good, but you know what it could use more of? Some Space Channel 5 or Yakuza. If you feel the same way, then you’ll likely be a big fan of the MMORPG’s current AC Scratch Ticket theme, which is all about celebrating a variety of Sega titles.

Between now and June 2nd, players can earn a wide variety of cosmetics from AC Scratch Tickets that pay homage to Sega games like Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Space Channel 5, 7th Dragon, Shining Force Cross Exlesia, and Border Break. Items include a variety of hairstyles, CAST parts, weapon skins, emotes, furnishings, and more.

If you’re the sort who’s not keen on looking like Ichiban Kasuga and would rather have a fish for a hood, then there’s additional items available in the FUN Scratch Ticket set available between now and May 12th. Have a fish-headed hat and a cannon sticking out of your chest while wearing absurdly large shoes. Go nuts.

sources: press release, official site

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