Wakfu introduces Demonic Pacts for open PvP in update 1.72


Would you take a big bonus to your experience and loot in exchange for the risk of losing all of it? That’s the fundamental tradeoff players will have to make when Wakfu adds its new Demonic Pacts system with the game’s next major update, offering a form of wild PvP that’s open to everyone in the world. Players can visit one of several demonic altars where they’ll have the option to activate one of two bonus modes, Opportunistic or Cautious, or completely eschew any pact if they’d prefer.

Cautious players get a 25% bonus to experience and loot, and Opportunistic players get a 50% bonus, but the two pact types will also put 50% or 100% respectively inside of a holding inventory where it can be stolen. So you’ve got a chance at earning a lot more, but someone else can also kill you and take everything you’ve earned before you can cash it in. Check out the full rundown if you’re thinking about throwing caution somewhat to the wind and opening yourself up for some worldwide PvP.

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