World of Warships previews new submarines, superbattleships, and Netherlands tech tree


World of Warships released a dev blog today containing information on the long-awaited submarine class as well as a new superbattleships event and the Netherlands tech tree line.

While submarines have long been on Wargaming’s radar, it seems that the underwater menace is closer than ever to joining surface ships and aircraft carriers in the battle for the seas. A majority of the blog and accompanying video details balance and feature tweaks to submarines based on previous testing and feedback. Information supplied about supporting systems, such as a captain skill tree specific to subs and underwater map detail lead us to believe that submarines may be in the game sooner rather than later. Indeed, the next round of live server testing is slated to occur within a ranked season in order to gather more significant amounts of data and player feedback.

Besides submarines, Wargaming supplied a vast amount of particulars on the new Netherlands tech tree, changes to aircraft rocket drops, the next dockyard event, and a special temporary game mode featuring superbattleships. Superbattleships are an imagined class of ships in a timeline where naval warfare did not shift towards aircraft carriers and instead continued to progress on a trajectory of bigger, badder battleships. You can read all about Wargaming’s World of Warships plans in the blog post, or absorb even greater detail in the accompanying Waterline video.


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