Final Fantasy XIV previews its upcoming Moogle Treasure Festival for the digital Fan Festival

It's wrecked.

When the digital fan festival kicks off for Final Fantasy XIV on May 14th, the digital events start too. Want to pick up some emotes? Get a new glamour scarf? Strut around with a new hairstyle? You can get all of that and more from the special fan festival edition of the Moogle Treasure Trove sending players out to collect Irregular Allagan Tomestones of Pageantry. And if you’re used to these events from before, you’ll be happy to know that this time the irregular tomestones are dropping in much greater numbers.

Of course, the prices on the items remain quite similar, including the event-exclusive Great Serpent of Ringa (a ring bearing the inimitable face of the Great Serpent itself) and a variety of mounts, emotes, and hairstyles normally available elsewhere. Players can earn tomestones via any of the game’s alliance raids (including the YoRHa series), PvP matches, some EX trials, and the MSQ 8-player dungeons. But you’ll need to earn quickly, as the event will only run until June 14th.


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Well, I have been meaning to finish up the latest steps of the DRK Resistance weapon, a little under halfway through the Void Ark/Ivalice raid grind portion.

Looks like this will be a good time to combine two grinds.

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I see the Praetorium is giving 20, and i thought i’m done with it 😂 i need to unlock some raids, i like many of the rewards.