Here’s the breakdown of WoW Classic: Burning Crusade’s purchase options


Ever since yesterday’s big announcement that WoW Classic is going to release the pre-patch on May 18th and launch The Burning Crusade expansion on June 1st, we have seen some confusion over what all of this might cost. So consider this your quick-and-dirty primer for the price points:

  • To play the expansion: This requires no additional purchase (contrasted to back in the day, when you had to buy the Burning Crusade box), but you will need to be subscribed to World of Warcraft.
  • To clone your character: Wowhead notes that the option to create two versions of your character to exist on the Classic era and Burning Crusade era servers will set you back $35. A “snapshot” of your character will be taken on May 18th for this purpose.
  • To level-boost a character to 58: On May 18th, you have the option to spend $40 for a “Dark Portal Pass” which boosts a single character to 58 with appropriate gear. This can only be purchased once and cannot be used on Blood Elf or Draenei characters.
  • To buy a collector’s edition: WoW Classic is also selling a “Deluxe Edition” for $70 that includes one character boost, a month of game time, a ground mount for Classic, a mount for retail, and a couple of fun toys.
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