Skyforge’s Days of Glory event pits players against robot ghosts from the past


The world of Skyforge has a lot of invasions happening all the time, but the Days of Glory event is a bit different. You’re not fighting off an invasion; you’re fighting off ghosts of Mechanoids that tried to invade earlier. It’s a chance for a whole history lesson about the invasion that the event is commemorating, and if celebrating the military might of Aelinar can get you some sweet cosmetics, so much the better, right?

During the event, players can participate in battles against the phantom Mechanoids as a way to relive the glory of those battles and earn currency for new cosmetics. You also have a chance to seek out a missing intelligence officer and a chance to face off against elite Mechanoid opponents in a custom battle arena. The event is currently live for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 4 players, with Switch users needing to wait a little longer and getting slightly different rewards, but everyone will be able to celebrate the history by fighting some ghost robots.

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