VR MMO Neon Exile emerges from a two year update lapse with a content patch and PvP beta test for March 10


Believe it or not, the VR MMO Neon Exile is going to see an update on May 10th after two years of radio silence since early access started. The primary attraction for that date will be a second beta test of the PvP Team Battle mode, which tasks two teams with building their own bases while also trying to knock down their opponents’ base. Those who own the game will be automatically included in this beta test, while others can sign up here.

Otherwise, May 10th will also bring an update to Neon Exile that will introduce two new advanced training missions and several backend improvements that promise to bring “more in the future and support more exciting multiplayer and persistent world features.”

As a refresher, Neon Exile is a new VR MMO from Vancouver-based Mythical City that first came to our notice in 2019 thanks to a SpatialOS blog post. The title sets players in a dystopian world where player buildings and creations persist in a single shared environment. The game touts its persistence as well as the ability to “explore the world, build massive structures, or seek out fast-paced action.” As mentioned earlier, the game entered Steam early access in 2019, which was first proposed to end in mid-2020 according to its Steam page; since that time, updates had lapsed since September 2019. Up until now, of course.

sources: newsletter, Steam

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