Blade & Soul previews Winds of Rage’s new talisman tier and daily rewards


What’s an MMO without some sort of frequent bribery system to entice you to enjoy its content? A very rare one, that’s what. Blade and Soul, not wanting to be left out of the party, is adding its own daily rewards — “daily perks” it’s being called — into the game with this coming Wednesday’s patch.

“Come May 12, when you log into the game, you’ll be able to redeem the first reward of the daily perks system,” NCsoft said. “You can look ahead to see what rewards you can get. The rewards are collected consecutively, so you won’t miss any of the rewards should you miss a login or two. Daily perks can only be collected once per day, and the rewards range from Cricket’s Hongmoon Quick XP Charm, Devotion Chests, Fusion Stones, and more.”

The upcoming Winds of Rage update has a few other system changes, including new legendary gear and a new tier (Skywatch) for your all-important talisman. This Skywatch tier will give you access to additional stats like boss attack power and mystic damage.


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