A3 Still Alive adds a limited-time dungeon, a fifth Soul Linker slot, and new high-level content


What better way to entice people to delve an MMO’s dungeon than to make it open for a limited time? That’s (probably) the thinking behind A3: Still Alive’s most recent update, which has introduced a temporary dungeon in the form of the Blue Moon Forest that features all sorts of goodies and exchange coins that can be used to purchase additional rewards. Of course, there’s only so much time to rake in these items, as it’ll be open between now and May 27th.

There’s more than just temporary content in this update, thankfully, as high-level players of the mobile MMO can also look forward to the Sanctuary opening up to level 70 players and the 84th floor of the Dark Lighthouse encounter. Additionally, the game’s Soul Linker system is expanding with a fifth slot, which promises “more strategic play on the battlefield.” Finally, there’s a new battle pass season that rewards Apostle Fragments that can be used for more effective battles at Velangort Fortress, as well as a number of events running in-game. More details can be found in the patch notes.

source: press release
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