Ashes of Creation answers player questions on naval combat and post-launch projects


As is usually the case with Ashes of Creation developer livestreams, there’s time for a round of Q&A with the fans. Naturally, there are lots of questions to answer and some of them don’t make it into the broadcast. Luckily for curious players who submitted questions for Intrepid Studios’ most recent livestream, the devs also try to answer several questions in the forums, and those answers were raked together into one dev post.

The answers and replies in question seem to pull from every submitted thread reply no matter how trivial, such as simple greetings or instructions, when best to submit questions, or links back to answers of already asked questions. Among the more interesting nuggets is word that details on naval combat will come sometime later, confirmation that the studio does have other projects planned in the future once AOC is released, some assurance that PvP can’t stagnate since people will still want to fight over resource nodes even on a smaller scale, confirmation of in-game DPS parsing tools, and the promise of more blogs regarding AOC’s node system.

As is often the case with player Q&As, it’s all a bit of a mish-mash, but the forum post might still yield some insights for fans.

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