Conan Exiles thanks its playerbase for three years of support with a blog, video, and fan art


It’s been three years since Conan Exiles made its arrival to the multiplayer survival sandbox scene and the devs at Funcom are feeling particularly thankful. So much so that the game’s community manager put together a blog post and the team cut together a thank-you video.

“We know it’s been a little bumpy at times, and to that we offer our deepest appreciation for your support, your passion, and your patience over the years. We wouldn’t be here without YOU: The modders, the builders, the artists, the slayers, the roleplayers, the adventurers; the community,” reads part of the post. “You, Exiles, are who we are truly grateful for. Thank you!!”

In addition to the niceties shared in text and video form, the post also put together a series of excellent fan art pieces that were asked for by the devs, each one based on a different prompt. You can check out those pieces in the original post along with the video down below, as well as a recent livestream where our own MJ celebrated the occasion. By trying to summon a spider god. Which honestly is pretty appropriate, all things considered.


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So…sunset incoming then?? ;)
[I kid…I kid…]


Secret World Expansion?! \o/ 🤣

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I think they’ve got two (three?) more Conan games in the works.

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They have to milk „Dune“ first before they can Go Radio-silent on CE 🤣


Not really. There’s a real lack of communication from Funcom on their own forums and player’s have been calling them out on it.