Final Fantasy XI launches its May version update with more story and more Odyssey mechanics


Is it Bastok time in Final Fantasy XI? It certainly seems to be with the latest version update, because that’s where the story of the Voracious Resurgence is pulling players next. Of course, there’s more to the update than just new story content, but you kind of have to be amazed at the new story content just the same. There is also new Ambuscade content, for example, but the monthly rotation of that is fairly regular and expected now.

Players can also now obtain a Mog Amplifier to improve their reinforcement point gains in Odyssey, with players able to obtain one for 1500 gil from a point in Rabao. Paladins and Rangers have also gone through some job adjustments, there are new items to get, new monthly Records of Eminence have rotated in… you know how it goes by now. Check out the full patch notes or catch up with the latest Vana’diel Digest.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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