MapleStory M introduces the half-human-half-dragon Kaiser class in latest update

Personally, I'd rather be all dragon


Only in video games can we become as dragons without thinking about the real-world repercussions that would involve, like dry scale irritation, finding a big enough place to hoard loot, and being attacked by Dennis Quaid. So it goes with MapleStory M and its most recent update, which does not feature Dennis Quaid but does allow players to play as the half-human, half-dragon Kaiser Warrior class. Which is still pretty good.

“Wielding a massive two-handed sword during battle, Kaiser is an ultra powerful Nova Warrior hero who can build up a Morph Gauge by performing combos and special attacks. Once filled, this Morph Gauge briefly allows Kaiser to become his true form, making him nearly-invincible for a short time.”

In addition to this new class, there’s a new Grandis area with new monsters to swing said two-handed sword at, the addition of the Legion System that lets characters in a player’s roster offer bonuses to other characters across their account, and an easing of the leveling curve between 35 and 220. There are some events happening in-game too, like a Burning event to help Kaiser characters level up, login rewards, daily missions that are available until May 26th, and more. The official forums offer up all of the patch note details.

source: press release

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I liked Kaiser in the base game. The fighting game-style inputs were fun to pull off while you were grinding.