Trove brings back the Spring Fling event with new rewards and Chloromancer materials


Look, Trove, if you put a duck wearing a fancy hat and a pipe before me and have him ask me to help his bee friends, I’m absolutely going to do it. I don’t need the hard sell here. I mean, his name is Sir Dapper Duckington; I’m already all in. Thus begins this year’s Spring Fling event, which asks players to head to the Medieval Highlands, use Spring Flingers to reflower the area, and fight back against the invading Waspiders. You know, the usual.

While this year’s event is likely not new to veteran Trove players, some of the rewards are new, including two new mounts, two new allies, and a Spring Ball 2021 banner to collect. In addition, a large portion of the materials needed to craft the Chloromancer class can be earned by completing the event’s questline. It’s all running until Tuesday, May 18th, so get out there and help that duck.


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