Old School RuneScape outlines the next steps for its upcoming clan creation system

Skeleton bows.

Bad news for Old School RuneScape players that were hoping to register their clan name: That process is now closed. The good news, however, is that means things can move forward to the next steps. Unless the bad news is so bad you don’t care about the next steps, in which case, sorry.

First off, OSRS will not be seeing an update this week as the devs at Jagex test and tweak the clans system behind the scenes; expect the update on May 19th to be a “soft launch” of the feature, with a full launch of clans on May 26th. In the meantime, clans that have successfully pre-registered their names will receive an Inbox message with a Discord link, where players can sign up to an in-game drop-in session from May 19th onward. During that drop-in session, devs will create the chosen clan in-game and then transfer clan ownership to the appropriate players. It’s a bit of a process, basically, so those who put in their clan name registrations will want to read the details.


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