Reborn Promisance is a fan-operated version of a turn-based multiplayer strategy MUD from 26 years ago


If you’re looking for retro, it doesn’t get more retro than a rebuilt version of a text-based multiplayer online empire strategy game. That’s what Reborn Promisance is offering: a fan-operated version of the original open-source Promisance game originally created by the late Paul C. Purgett, which itself is a concept inspired by the similarly-styled Earth: 2025. There’s a pretty interesting historical recap we dug up from the forum of a similar online game based on the Redwall novel series, of all places.

As for Reborn Promisance, it hopes to continue the original game’s legacy and promises a variety of empire strategy gameplay features like attacking and defending countries, clan alliances, and management of a variety of resources to run an empire, all in a turn-based gameplay style. The game is free-to-play and has a classic server, a turbo server, and a team-based “clanned” server that lets people party up for online skirmishes without having to worry about being diplomatic. For those who are new to the game, there’s also a tutorial server that resets daily so players can learn the ropes.

For those curious about this one, there’s an in-depth guide on the game’s website, as well as a Discord, an Instagram page, and a Facebook page.


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I think I can learn all the Japanese Kanji faster than learn how to operate/play that game.