WoW Classic begins one final massive Burning Crusade test tomorrowday


With just three weeks to go until the launch of WoW Classic’s Burning Crusade jaunt, Blizzard is firing off beta invites like mad. If you’re getting in, this is the big one, folks. Then again, this expansion is over 14 years old, so did you really need to test it again?

“On Wednesday, May 12, at 11:00 a.m. PDT (2:00 p.m. EDT), we’ll open the Dark Portal on a new Beta realm to test the Burning Crusade Classic launch. We’ll open the new realm ‘Launch Test’ on Tuesday for character copy, and to make sure we test thoroughly, we’ve just sent out one last big wave of Beta invites. Please join us on your copied character on the Launch Test beta realm on May 12, and head to Outland at 11:00 a.m. PDT. We plan to keep that realm open for several hours, with all zones and instances available.”

Hey look, copied characters, and they don’t even cost $35. Stay tuned for today’s Casually Classic column for more on that – Justin has some words.


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Wilhelm Arcturus

“Then again, this expansion is over 14 years old, so did you really need to test it again?”

Being in the beta for a bit, I will say yes, yes they do.


At first I was going to spend the lengthy pre-patch to casually level my belfie up to 58. Then the news dropped. Then I decided to simply continue with one of my existing level 60’s. Then I read some more about the aggressive TBC monetization.

And then I decided to continue ignoring Blizzard as a company.

Kickstarter Donor

I can’t imagine it will end badly but…I’ll laugh pretty hard if the 2021 launch of BC is buggier and messier than the 2007 launch of BC : P

Danny Smith

Its going to be interesting to see what people make of it outside of the streamer crowd who always come off as slanted for views one way or the other. Personally with my time in the beta i’ve decided not to play it when it goes live. Its really hard to define but compared to wow classic it just feels “sluggish”. Like there are times, particularly early on in wow classic where you feel you are auto attacking with one ability to use once or twice per mob but it still feels like thats a lack of abilities rather than actually slow gameplay. I never touched a tbc private server so only have my memories from like 13 or 14 years ago but i don’t remember it feeling like every cast bar, every movement, every fight and every quest didn’t respect my time.

In retrospect i think part of it might be a perception thing. This is before wraths big push to be more casual friendly but its also trying to streamline the slow downtime of classic. But to me those downtime moments of classic were kind of, for lack of a more pretentious term, kind of a meditative thing. Checking your map and then walking halfway across a zone either through the woods or down the road was more calming immersion than the sheer tedium i thought it would be before i touched classic. I think now its so distanced from the wrath onwards style of wow it stands apart as its own thing while my time in the tbc beta felt like this weird half step between the two so you don’t really get the strong points of either style in a way.

The interesting part from a design standpoint is how commonplace this sentiment could be and more importantly how the lack of shock and awe will effect the players. Going through the dark portal all those years ago was crazy with all its hellpigs, fen striders and ethereals but thats all old hat and par for the course. Without that when thats been a mundane part of wow for most of its life -to the point most now avoid outland and consider it boring while levelling- i have to wonder if going from classics forests, hamlets, undead filled ruins and bandits out to gank you to rolling mostly flat plains of orange or blue without the shock and awe of seeing it for the first time is just going to feel kind of plain and empty to the modern wow audience.

Don’t get me wrong i’m sure theres an audience for it i have no doubt about that. But i was just surprised how “okay i loved classic but dont like this at all” i was after my time in the beta and i wonder if thats going to be a lot more common than the “you think you do but you dont” of classic.