Black Desert prepares for a ‘comprehensive balance patch’ on PC, adds a treasure system to mobile


It’s time for another gaggle of Black Desert news, and while mobile updates are on the radar, easily one of the more impactful stories coming from the game is an incoming update on May 26th, which is bringing a “comprehensive balance patch that will make improvements (major and minor) to every class in Black Desert.” These changes will affect both PvP and PvE players and will include adjustments that were shared on the Global Lab.

In the meantime, this current week’s update adjusts maximum and minimum speeds for attacking, casting, and moving, allowing them to go as high as 250% and as low as 50%. The update has also added three new DP-boosting passive skills that are specific to Conquest War and Node War, with characters able to select only one skill after spending the newly added Resplendent Medals of Honor currency on Secret Books. The hope is that these new skills will level the playing field, with the potential idea of additional guild-only war skills being added in the future if these passives don’t do the trick.

As for the rest of the PC update news, there’s an event that guarantees a fight against Thundercloud Kutum at certain dates and times, a login fix for the companion app, a permanent banning of an EU player for “unauthorized program use/macro use,” and the week’s Conquest War report to absorb.

Over on Black Desert Mobile, the latest update has introduced a treasure system that lets players earn items like powerful potions by building Orzeca’s Garde in their Camp and following clues to collect materials; increased the length of time players can spend in the Great Desert among other changes; added additional Constellations; and launched a “multi-play” system that lets players take on content like Arenas and Ramoness while also using auto-hunt or auto-gathering features.

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Let me know if that ever change that horrific RNG based upgrade system.