Elder Scrolls Online offers Blackwood backstory in a dramatic new lore trailer


Blizzard might be trying to horn in on its launch window, but Elder Scrolls Online is marching onward anyway with hype for the Blackwood chapter. Today, ZeniMax Online Studios has dropped yet another trailer, this one beginning with a dramatic and painterly peek into the second era lore that explains the foul daedric pact that forged the Ambitions weaponry that players will trying to stop the bad guys from finding all year. You must succeed.

If that’s not enough lore for your Wednesday, the studio has also posted a missive straight from the loremaster’s archive that answers some player questions about the lore in this time period. In-character, of course.

Blackwood launches on PC June 1st. The video itself is down below.

Source: Press release

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Chase Masters

While Xenimax is trying to cast this as an Oblivion re-make (like Morrowind was) Oblivion occurred mostly in Cyrodiil.

maydrock .

So, if one buys the latest chapter, does that include all the previous chapters? Or, is each still an individual purchase?

Think, last one I purchased was the elf island one in the southwest corner of the map. Sommerset?

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If you buy the “collection” (the full game), it comes with Blackwood plus all the prior expansions.

If you buy the “upgrade,” it only comes with Blackwood.


After 15 years, Blizzard finally succeeded in driving me away months ago. So I took ESO up again after many years of collecting dust, and I’m having an absolute blast. Their engine isn’t the best, it could use some improvements, but I do love their story-telling. And really looking forward to this expansion with companions. Looks like a lot of fun.