Legion: The Eternal War promises a medieval-style sandbox MMORPG, offers a demo to backers


Care for another medieval-themed fantasy sandbox MMORPG that’s in development? Well you’re getting one in the form of Legion: The Eternal War, a new game being put together by Canada-based Nexus Division Entertainment, which we first highlighted back in 2018. Things have updated a bit since then, though the game promises features we’ve all heard before, with a medieval style open-world that appears to be focused on PvP to the point that even “PvE areas are protected by the PvP players.” PvE activities are mostly focused on gathering, crafting, trade, and questing, while PvP gameplay will feature sieges, faction vs. faction, and guild vs. guild elements.

Legion is being funded independently, selling founder’s packages, mounts, pets, and skins directly instead of opting for Kickstarter or Steam early access “because of their high-rate fees” according to the presser we received. That same presser also pointed out the devs had two successful pre-crowdfunding drives and an investment of $80,000 CAD (just over $66K USD) to start the development process in late 2017. Additional funding raised will go towards several funding goals while the full game is expected to release sometime in late 2023 or early 2024. Incidentally, all founder’s packs will have access to a demo version, and work on a “vertical slice version” of the game is already in progress.

More details can be found on the game’s official site (though the links to the news articles are broken at the time of this writing), and there are a couple of videos showcasing gameplay and talking about development below.

sources: press release, official site

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Jeremy Barnes

Sometimes, I just need to see the name of an MMO to know it has no hope.

Jon Wax

Getting warmer…


Well as everyone knows, Mordhau, a medieval multiplayer pvp game, totally costed less than $80k CAD to develop and launch so we totally have nothing to worry about here…

I am sorry to be cynical but it’s hard to see a good future with the presented info.


Without delving into the issue of it being Yet Another Indie Sandbox PvP MMO: This Time It’ll Work for Reals, there were a couple major red flags in that video.

One, oh god the framerate and jank.

Two, did the face of the project just say they delayed it because it was finals week for him?


I’m wondering who believes this stuff anymore? Which really is a sad, cynical thing to say but just build your game and launch it. Stop trying to pick my pocket based on your fantasies and rainbows before you have a product to sell.

I, for one, simply will NOT pay $0.01 for anything before release. Full stop.

The first few minutes of the initial video, my 1st impression was “How many different shots can we get of Tortage?”


Yea I dont support that notion either but at least they already are in demo stage now.
And Pre-Alpha on October which I think they work faster than AoC, not like Ashes of Creation where you need to pay 500$ to get into Alpha. kekw

Does not check email

My only thought….

Hello! We have been trying to contact you about your car’s extended warranty.