Overwatch 2 plans to discuss PvP gameplay in a livestream on May 20 and host an AMA on May 24

Popcorn appropriately.

If you’ve been worried by the abject silence coming out of Overwatch 2, then your worries may be eased starting later next week. The shooter’s new game director Aaron Keller has hosted a brief development update video announcing a PvP-focused livestream on Thursday, May 20th, and an AMA shortly after on Monday, May 24th.

During the livestream, Keller will be joined by members of the Overwatch League and several developers to discuss the philosophy of PvP changes coming in Overwatch 2 as well as play some of the new maps that will be on offer. Naturally, the maps in question will still be in-development and subject to change, but this will be one of the meatier previews fans will have gotten since this past February’s BlizzConline event.

Meanwhile, the AMA on the game’s subreddit will discuss the past five years of the game’s development as well as any other questions players may have; details about that event are due to arrive as we get closer to the appointed date.

source: Youtube, thanks to Schlag for the tip!
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