Profane delays a couple of alpha roadmap features thanks to a player movement bug


When bugs attack, they can upend a few things in game development. That sort of fate has befallen Profane, the PvP sandbox MMO that has been awash with Twitter updates, including this most recent thread that talks about a few shifted items in its alpha roadmap because of a bug, marking the second such time the devs have adjusted their plans due to development.

“We’ve had a bug with player movement in the multiplayer environment that inevitably led to the delay of finalizing and implementing other features that were dependent on it, such as climbing, swimming, fall damage, and combat,” explains the thread. As a result of this issue, tests for character customization, regions exploration, and basic combat have been delayed but are promised to be “on the horizon.” The full thread has all the details and the updated roadmap image.

source: Twitter
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