Swords of Legends Online previews its first five dungeons in new video drops


Gameforge has already dropped a ton of trailers for Swords of Legends Online, but today’s batch might be the clearest look at what you’ll actually be doing in the game, as Wangyuan Shengtang and Aurogon preview the game’s first five dungeons. The dungeons include Yemo City in Wuzhao, Frostbitten Path, Nightmare Temple of Mercy, Chou Prison, and Raging River Ruins.

“Players will get to explore some stunning, gorgeous, and occasionally deadly, locales! They’ll engage in thrilling action MMO combat as they battle demonic spiders in an underground labyrinth, explore a sodden, waterlogged prison complex, and go head-to-head (or spear-to-spear) with a plague-ridden general in the ruins of a destroyed temple complex! Each dungeon provides an increasingly difficult challenge, but no pain, no gain! Players that want the very best loot must step up to the challenge and prove they are worthy of the title “Legend”! Each dungeon hosts 5 to 10 players and features multiple difficulty levels as well as bosses, and will challenge players just setting out on their adventure all the way up to those that have reached the level cap.”

Source: Press release

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