Valheim gets a mod to bring the World of Warcraft landscape into the game


If you’ve ever found yourself playing World of Warcraft and wishing that it were a little bit more like Valheim, or (perhaps more accurately) wandering around in Valheim wishing that your character was up in Southshore, this mod is for you. A user by the name of Kromek has brought the WoW map into Valheim, allowing players to explore, craft, and fight through bosses in the various zones of the world of Azeroth.

Obviously, there are some limitations. The map is only of Azeroth, so Outland, Draenor, and the realms of death are all not included in these zones. There also are none of the iconic towns or dungeons to explore just yet, and the map is a bit smaller than normal to fit within Valheim’s limitation. Still, you can set up shop in the spot where Stormwind would normally be and name it something like Crazy Viking Ed’s Hat Hutch. Who wouldn’t want that?

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