Black Desert esports players will determine the best class in the Arena of Arsha Championship this weekend

Sun's out guns out.

Now to be clear, you shouldn’t feel compelled to follow any game’s meta if you don’t want to, especially one that takes its cues from esports. What Black Desert is determining is the best class as it applies to the Arena of Arsha Best-in-Class Championship esports event. Try not to read too much into the whole thing and just enjoy the fights.

Specifically, those fights can be enjoyed this coming Saturday, May 15th, and Sunday, May 16th, with the EU and NA finals set for both dates respectively. The event will be the first of its kind and features player-crafted class builds, but a second similar tournament is already slated for a later date, which will feature pre-built classes in order to level the playing field and see victory determined through raw skill. For now, the championship finals can be viewed on Twitch and YouTube, where incidentally the semi-finals can also be viewed.

But seriously, don’t stress about an esports meta.

source: press release

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