Blade & Soul’s Winds of Rage is live with new heroic dungeon and events

As promised, Blade & Soul’s Winds of Rage update is live this week. The 12.1 patch includes the titular 6-perspon heroic dungeon Thornwind Cavern in both easy and hard modes, as well as a quartet of new events, the new daily perks login calendar system, updated dailies and weeklies, and new accessories from the Dragon Express merchants.

“The Winds of Rage update arrives but at a high cost. The memory of Madun reemerges as Chundoon seeks help to bring closure to the Thorntail Guardian, Uzume, who is currently inconsolable in Thornwind Cavern after Madun’s sacrifice. […] Log in now to enter Thornwind Cavern and put an end to Uzume’s destructive grief, upgrade your Overture Talisman to a new tier—Skywatch, and get a bird’s-eye view of upcoming daily rewards with the new Daily Perks calendar, and more!”

The core events – Wings of Fortune, Hongmoon Boot Camp, Martial Surge – are running right now through June 16th, while Hongmoon Challenge is set to run in the beginning of June.


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