Destiny 2 brings the Season of the Splicer online with unintentional cross-play functionality


A funny thing happened on the way to an update in Destiny 2. As the game’s Season of the Splicer went live this past Tuesday, it arrived with some server-based bumpiness, an error that prevented players from accessing the new content, and oh yeah, the addition of cross-play features.

Several players reported the ability to play the game with others on different platforms, and at the time of this writing, that still appears to be the case. That all said, none of this is intentional and the game’s community manager has gone on record to admit that the addition of cross-play is an accident and will be removed this week; cross-play features are coming to the shooter, but aren’t meant to go live until Season 15. In the meantime, he invites fans to partake.

source: Twitter via VG247

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Fun aside with the Splicer Season release thing, but yeah… Transmog system is trash.

TLDR–25hrs guaranteed minimum for a full set, because Bungie–in their infinite idiocies–decided that the synth-junk necessary to purchase the bounties to get the synththings you need to synth into synthwastes aren’t actually droppable materials from enemies. It is hard-coded on a time limit, or more accurately, a cooldown. Every two minutes of ‘Combat Time’, players will get 1 and only 1 synthstrand. Utter disrespect of player time with that.


Early cross play aside, the story again so far has been pretty great for week 1. After 7 seasons they’ve really come into their stride on how to tell a good seasonal story. New activity is a lot of fun and the guns they introduced are also pretty good. Lots of new good mods that challenge the reload/damage perk setup.