Survival shooter Generation Zero introduces base defense gameplay and new craftable items in the Resistance update


The co-op survival FPS Generation Zerio has introduced some potentially intriguing features to its gameplay loop, not the least of which is a shift from simple survival to resistance against the game’s robotic threat. That’s mostly what’s implied by the fact that this is called the Resistance update, anyway.

Of course it’s not just a resistance in title only, as the primary feature of this update adds a home base for players to defend against a horde of foes. Each successful base defense will yield new consumable items to craft including alternative health packs and new ammo types, along with new support structures to help defend the base. Naturally, each successive raid of a base will have new foes to face off against as well.

In addition to this new gameplay loop, the update has also made “extensive revamps” to the forest region with updated challenge trees and introduced a number of bug fixes. Finally, there’s a Soviet Weapons pack that players can purchase to get their hands on a new sniper rifle, assault rifle, and rocket launcher. This update is available for PC and PS4 players, with a launch on Xbox sometime later this month.

source: Steam, thanks to Kinya for the tip!

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Vanquesse V

The game was pretty bad upon release but has improved immensely over time.
It feels a bit like DayZ but as a purely pve/co-op experience. Lots of walking in nature, scavenging for supplies, and tense combat.
Quite a lot of the skills in the game are designed around helping your teammates, but the game is still fine to play solo.

Kickstarter Donor

For anyone who hasn’t checked this out yet, it is a decent title. It’s kind of like some weird Grounded meets Strange Things meets Terminator thing. You or you and your friends play as teenagers in the 80’s sweden I think it is(In the region of Östertörn) returning home after a holiday to find everyone gone or dead and killer robots which once patrolled and defended us are now everywhere and have slaughtered everyone. You follow the clues to discover what happened and why and how to stop it.

It is especially good and tense solo as you really cannot afford to be caught in the open when the bots are about and they are fast and deadly and range from tiny to downright huge and can call for help so you are constantly alert and trying to go from cover to cover.

The only bad thing I’ve found so far is that for some reason the bots will not enter doorways ever, which is weird as at times you can stay in a building and just open and just pick them off with impunity. But beyond that it is really fun.


I do like this trend of games like New World and this shifting to embracing what Valheim is doing because it works and can still have caustic communities but less so that straight PK games are.