Fallout 76 starts testing July content update, runs double SCORE event


Fallout 76’s test server is humming with activity and promise today, as the shard starts putting the July update through its paces. This content update is going to add the Steel Reign quest series, legendary crafting, legendary power armor, and updates to (you guessed it) legendary attributes.

However, Bethesda also has a smaller patch coming out at the end of May with some prep work for Steel Reign, new store items, and cash shop additions.

And if you need to catch up on this season’s reward track, you best log into this weekend’s double SCORE event, which will run through noon on Monday. “For the next few days, each of your daily challenges will offer twice the usual S.C.O.R.E., so that you can give your Scoreboard position a boost and claim rank-up rewards more quickly.”

Source: Fallout 76
Test server is up!


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Vanquesse V

Here’s a “quick” info-dump on the non-story parts of the update starting with legendary crafting:
You can turn any weapon, armor or power armor into a random 1, 2 or 3 star legendary. you can turn a 3 star into a 1 star or reverse, the new item will have random rolls for each star, but there’s no cap on how many times you can do this (if you have the mats), and the costs don’t care about the item, only how many stars you want.
For weapons and power armor the cost is 2, 3 or 4 legendary modules along with a 1 star legendary core, 2 star legendary core or 3 star legendary core for a random 1, 2 or 3 star end result.
For regular armor the cost in modules is 1 lower, making it 1, 2 or 3.
Legendary modules can be bought off the purveyor where you can buy a total of 10 per day at a cost of 50 scrip per.
Scrip can be acquired by breaking down legendary weapons and you can gain a maximum of 140 scrip per day this way. Pretty much every single event, quest or daily in the game will give you 4-8 scrip as part of the rewards, and that part doesn’t have a cap.
The cores can’t be bought but we’re told they’re from seasonal events (stuff like meat week), public events and daily ops. (I’m not 100% sure, but I think there’s a distinction between public event and just “event” where the only things considered “public events” are the ones that have a larger icon with a “!” that don’t have a travel cost and show participants from the map – this would be the same deal as with Treasury Notes)
Since the server has only been up for a couple of hours it would be silly to analyze too much on that, but just be aware that they can’t be acquired by spending currency, and since they come in 1 2 and 3 star versions even if you had a guaranteed core from say, daily ops it would probably still be random what type you got.
I should also mention that this system makes it possible to gain legendary affixes on your power armor for the first time. With the exception of the chance for self revival and 3 minor utility affixes that don’t make sense for power armor, every single armor affix can show up on power armor.

They also did a pass on the affixes themselves, creating new ones and buffing some of them.
Surprisingly there are no direct nerfs to any legendary affix!
Obviously, due to them adding 4 new primary affixes it will be slightly rarer to see a bloodied weapon, if that’s what you’re aiming for.
In terms of new possibilities, the new affixes opens up for scaling by having high hp%, being full on food and water, by carry weight or by just being rich!
The buffs are mostly for the absolute stinker affixes that were so bad that nobody would willingly use them and due to their base nature, they’re still really bad overall. Noctunal got the daytime penalty removed and nighttime performance buffed. All the bonus vs specific mob type got buffed from 30 to 50.
here’s what I consider significant buffs:
Mutant’s got changed from flat 10% bonus when mutated to 5% per mutation, cap of 25%
Hitman’s moved from 10% damage while aiming to 25%
Enhanced VATS went from 33% vats acc bonus to 50%.
There’s also a few noteworthy new armor affixes for helping you cover weaknesses:
slower drain of food/drink, fire/cryo/explosion resist, stim pack potency and radiation removal over time.

All of this looks really really good. Not a single bad change and nobody has a worse build once the update hits. We just need to find out how often we can expect to be rerolling our items.


Insightful post, but inherently useless changes in my eyes as my characters were already minor dirties in the gear they have today, there’s no real need for better until they add in more challenging content.

Vanquesse V

That’s a pretty wild take on a patch that opens up quite a lot of new build possibilities.
There isn’t really much in terms of power here for a full bloodied build, but there are now a lot of other paths to get very strong.
I would love to see a world tier system like division 2 or outriders added to fo76 but that’s not the goal of this patch.
People have been complaining about the powergap between bloodied and everything else since well before wastelanders and now we’re finally getting some real work done on that front.

Vanquesse V

Here’s my more in-depth reasoning on things:
If last patch had added world tiers instead of loadouts it would have been a disaster. Everyone would want to chase the highest difficulty to get the best rewards, but due to really poor balance we would have very few options.
The more difficult the content becomes the more powerful this imbalance becomes.
This means that the game would strongly incentivize everyone to play slight variations on the very same build regardless of us liking it or not. Even the people enjoying the Godbuild(TM) would get tired of it and without an alternative most would feel the choice was playing that one build, or quit.
Okay, so we need more viable build options, but that alone will not be enough.
Up until the spring update switching weapon type was associated with an incredibly high opportunity cost.
Beyond getting the cards you need for your new build you also had to forfeit the one perk card of your choice reward from a level up to instead move 1 point of SPECIAL between stats. This could easily end up costing you 10 levels.
And if you found out the new build wasn’t really doing it for you, that’s another set of 10 levels to grind to get back to square one. That’s 20 levels of card variety or legendary coins gone forever.
So if all they did was make more stuff viable the work involved in changing your build and the potential of wasting level-ups would keep a lot of people from experimenting.

So the summer patch wouldn’t work without the spring patch and adding more difficult content would very likely do more harm that good if these two things didn’t get done beforehand.