Dauntless adds new radiant monster, opens a new location, and celebrates its ‘Slayerversary’ on May 20


If you’ve been following along with the Twitter account of Dauntless, you know that the previews and teasers have been churning out quite a bit recently. That’s because the game’s next update is looming on the horizon, bringing with it the promise of a new radiant Behemoth, new radiant gear, and a new Hunting Grounds location on Thursday, May 20th.

The new Behemoth is a mysterious-sounding creature known as the Chronovore, so there’s pretty obviously going to be time and eating involved somehow. Peeks of this new radiant monster have been slim, with only a vague drawing shared up to this point. Most of the reveals have been focused on the Paradox Breaks, a new Hunting Ground that features an intriguing landscape and an ominious-looking temple where, presumably, the Chronovore likes to hang out. And make horrible noises.

In addition, May 20th will mark the game’s second anniversary on consoles, which will be celebrated with a “Slayerversary” event between the 20th and the 24th. Players can take part by speaking with Gregario in Ramsgate and picking up quests for some unique cosmetics. Speaking of cosmetics, there will also be a new Hunt Pass full of goodies to chase.

sources: Twitter, MMO Bomb
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