Dungeons and Dragons Online will also end support of Windows XP

Owliest bears.

In news that will likely be not all that surprising considering Standing Stone Games already confirmed this move for LOTRO, the devs of Dungeons and Dragons Online have announced that support of the Windows XP operating system will also be ending, specifically on Wednesday, July 21st.

For those who are affected by this change and are otherwise worried about their characters, SSG once again assures players that characters and progress will remain and DDO can continue to be played on a PC that runs Windows 7 or newer. For any additional questions, players are being directed to contact SSG’s support team. For anyone still hanging on to the aged OS, it’s a bit of sad news, but there’s definitely still time to switch out.


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I wish these guys would make DDO 2.0 already. with next-gen graphics and 5th edition rule set. Sigh. I miss the level designs of DDO.


But it still runs under DOS 6 right? ;)

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I assume this means Vista support is ending as well? “Windows 7 or newer”.

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