Exclusive: Swords of Legends Online previews its frenetic mass PvP in new video


The field for new launches, patches, and betas is mighty crowded this spring, and while Swords of Legends Online is one of the newer titles vying for the attention of MMORPG players, it’s fast become one of the more intriguing, owing largely to its fast-paced action combat. Gameforge and Wangyuan Shengtang are dropping a brief new trailer this morning to show off that very feature – in the form its frenzied PvP with a quick tease of both small and large group melee.

As we’ve previously noted, the first of two western betas for SOLO begins this coming weekend on May 21st; preorders are already live ahead of the launch later this summer. The exclusive new trailer is below.

Source: Press release

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What really excites me about PvP in SOLO is that PvP gear and PvE gear are separated and provide no benefit in the other mode.

Hikari Kenzaki

It’s hard to tell from the trailer, but it’d be nice to see something on the scale of the old Fusang Projects in TSW. Mid-size Group PvP with objectives.
GW2’s WvW is nice, but ultimately, the fights often come down to which side has the most bodies.


Instanced/Arena PvP is my jam. Spent way too much time in RIFT, WoW, and Warhammer queued PvP modes. Excited to try this out in the beta first to see how it feels.