Final Fantasy XIV puts out a survey about the digital fan festival experience

It's probably Ascians, isn't it? It's more Ascians.

This year’s Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival was a new thing for the game to try. It was filled with a lot of stuff, including big reveals of new content and big emotional reveals that made everyone cry on stage. And now Square-Enix wants to know how it worked for you with a new survey on the official site asking for feedback on what worked, what didn’t, and how much you did or didn’t enjoy the experience of connecting with people digitally worldwide.

The survey will require you to log in to your Square-Enix account to fill it out (the same account you use to log in to FFXIV, naturally) and is, of course, entirely optional. It’s just another way to leave feedback about how the event went over and what could or should be improved for subsequent digital events or even live ones. If you missed out on all the fan festival reveals, you can also catch up with an analysis of the revelations.


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