Players begin leaking footage of The Division Heartland closed test

NDA, schmen-DA


The Division: Heartland, the free-to-play game from the Division IP that was among the reveals that Ubisoft recently announced, has been undergoing a round of closed testing. While said testing is under an NDA, that has not stopped folks from leaking footage of the game.

One such leaker’s footage reportedly offered about 20 minutes’ of gameplay, though that footage was also mostly composed of the leaker adjusting settings, using emotes, and otherwise acclimating to the controls. Another leaker’s footage, which is still on Twitter at the time of this writing, features an introductory video from lead game designer Taylor Epperly, who beseeches the player to not share footage outside of official channels and “[ruin] the surprise for the larger Division community.”

In that same video, Epperly describes Heartland as “a free-to-play open world survival action shooter” that takes place in the small town of Silver Creek. The game features an Expedition mode that has players joining in PvE co-op to learn the area’s story, and a PvPvE mode called Storm that pits 45 players against one another. In both modes, Epperly states there will be looting, scavenging, fighting, and survival gameplay while avoiding a new virus contamination.

Ubisoft has been doggedly cracking down on leaker footage, so most of what’s been shared is pretty much offline. For now, the embedded tweet with Epperly’s briefing is available. Try to ignore the watermarking. Though, to be honest, if a player names himself “Skyleax” in-game, Ubisoft probably shouldn’t be surprised.

sources: Twitter, VG247, YouTube
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