Profane talks about the Primordial Elements of Life and Instinct

Magic. *snort snort*


Yep, it’s another tweet thread from Profane all about its in-development game’s systems. This time we have a look at Primordial Elements — magic by any other name.

The elements showcased in the thread are Life and Instinct. Life, as one would expect, can be a beneficent force that can heal or restore someone from the dead or a malevolent force that can poison or create roots to hold someone in place. As for Instinct, it’s described as “pure emotion, reaction. It’s what makes life go beyond simply existing and departing. It’s the search for survival, the heat for emotion and desire.” In game terms, Instinct can be used to boost adrenaline and grant extra energy “to deal with a dangerous situation,” or be denied from others to make them dormant, repressed, or crippled.

The thread leads off by stating that these elements are still undergoing development (much like pretty much every other system reveal the game has offered), but at least we know that there’s likely magic afoot in the MMO.

source: Twitter
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