Path of Exile promises its graphical improvement patch is coming this week


There isn’t a way for Path of Exile to fix every graphical and display issue the game has with a single patch, but the team is certainly hoping to make some notable headway with the game’s next major patch that’s due out in the very near future. The officialy notes specify that the game will now use VRAM more effectively for loading and unloading textures, as outlined in an earlier post explaining how the game used VRAM and what was changing about the model.

Notably, the patch will also include a button to manually clear the game’s cache if necessary to avoid any other potential issues that might arise, with the hope being that this patch will resolve a number of the performance problems impacting the player experience. There are also further performance improvements in the work as well for other graphical issues, but those patches don’t yet have any ETA; for now, it’s hoped that this patch will do a lot of the work.


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Glad this is coming, I’m ready to close my eyes and mash that “update” button when it’s deployed. Now we’ll just see if RNG favors us and it’s a good patch, or if it ends up causing multiple days worth of new issues as seems depressingly common with GGG patches.

I still really want a league where they focus on performance and QoL. Was hoping it’d be this one (which did have some good improvements! since Ultimatum seems very similar to Ritual mechanically, but maybe next time around.