Survival management game Siege Survival: Gloria Victis officially launches

Oh, victis.

What would you do if you were responsible for managing a keep and its people during a siege? You can now more accurately answer that question thanks to Siege Survival: Gloria Victis, the standalone game set in the universe of sandbox MMORPG Gloria Victis that sees players trying their best to keep themselves alive long enough for a relief force to save them from invading barbarians.

Gameplay in Siege Survival involves managing resources, scavenging for items, and defending against the assailants outside of the gates, all woven into what’s described as “a grim narrative with numerous moral dilemmas, forcing the player to regularly make tough decisions as they scavenge the city of Edring and desperately try to save it and themselves from impending doom.” The game has officially launched on Steam, GOG, and EGS, and is available at a 20% discount for the first week.

source: press release
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