Which Star Wars Galaxies rogue server is for you? Here’s the best list we’ve seen


The MMORPG rogue server industry is booming lately, you might have noticed, particularly for much-loved MMOs that were sunset for dumb reasons in the first place – and that includes Star Wars Galaxies. Just this month, we’ve been covering the Bespin expansion for SWG Legends and the impending launch of SWG Restoration III coming up at the end of May. But as we’ve noted, there are tons more such SWG servers, many of them with different rulesets and starting points from the SOE game’s history. So which one do you pick?

MMO YouTuber Napyet aims to answer that question. He’s picked up where our own Hyperspace Beacon left off a few years ago to run down 10 of the most popular options for the live servers. His new video zips through the core servers, batching them into pre-CU and post-NGE groups (CU being the “combat upgrade” that happened before the NGE aka the “new game enhancements”). Offering pre-CU rulesets are the original long-running emulator, SWGemu, as well as the Clone Wars-era Attack of the Clones, French-language Aurora, the Jedi-system-fixing Awakening, the space-rich Bloodfin, and the RP server Empire in Flames, which is notable for a dramatic crafting overhaul. As for the post-CU and NGE servers, those are dominated by the widely covered and highly populated Legends, plus Beyond, and the event-happy Prophecy. Plus, Restoration 3 is still on the way. It’s the best modern recap and worth a listen if you’re shopping for which one to try.

Bonus: During the introduction, you can actually see my entertainer hiding in the back of the Legends Bespin cantina, macroing away. I’m even fully clothed!

If you’re a fan of Napyet or just want to hear two hardcore SWG fans discuss the game in detail and the state of the rogue server community, you can also check out the lengthy podcast he and I did on that very subject last year.

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